1. Table should be presented in the main text instead of after the reference list.
2. Table numbers are made with Arabic numerals (Arabic numerals; for example Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, etc.).
3. In the main text, the table must be mentioned together with its number.
4. In the main text, author/s are not necessary to mention the statistics in the table, if any, which is redundant. Instead, author/s should interpret the meaning of the statistics in the main text.
5. The title of the table should be written under the table number, placed above the table and written in italics with the first letter of each word being written in capital, except for prepositions such as in, to, for, etc.
6. More detailed information about the Table according to APA 7th guidelines (in Indonesian: BAHASA) can be found in the following link:
Table APA 7th edition